The Official Indicators Election

The Official Indicators Election

Postby tomele » Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:05 pm

Hi @all.

I am on the watch-out for more indicators we can add to the "official" TDesk Indicators Collection.

Many possible candidates have been posted in the User Indicators Playground. I will revise them and - if needed - transform them to a true V2 architecture to make them low-footprint, timeframe-independent reliable indicators.

But I need your help to prioritize my work. I will soon post a poll here for you to vote which of the user indicators should be worked on first. For the time being, you can PM me names of indicators that are not already posted in the above thread and that you want to be candidates in the poll.

If you propose new indicators that are not already in the above thread, please attach their source code. But be warned: I react allergic to decompiled (stolen) code.

If you don't know how to identify decompiled code, here is what I usually answer:

As soon as you see something like this, it is decompiled code:

double G_ibuf_128[];
double G_ibuf_132[];
double G_ibuf_136[];
double G_ibuf_140[];

No coder will name an array G_ibuf_128, he will give it a speaking name like "PriceBuffer" or something. The code would be unreadable otherwise.

As the names are replaced by memory pointers on compilation, the de-compiler has to enumerate the structures and create those cryptic names.

Happy pippin, Thomas ;)

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