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I am new to forex and I ended up here by searching nanningbob and 10.7 ... ost7697227

I like the crossings of MA and the trick to deal with repainting indis.

That's the message I talk about

A way to solve the repaint issue is to have the warning indicator be a different set of MA than the ones on the screen. For instance if the MA on the screen is a 3 crossing the 5 and the indicator is a 1 crossing the 4 the arrow will point on the screen at the 3X5 cross getting you a nearby entry. Now the formulas I give are just examples you have to test the formulas with the Time frames to get this to work but I use this with my indicator and warning system and it works very well. So I use a double confirmation this way. The arrow will come on just a bit early from the cross so I am warned and then I enter the trade with confirmation from other indicators. This solved the repaint problem. If I get an arrow but no confirmation and the arrows go back off I didnt make the trade. I use the warning system to get ready and when confirmation comes I enter. THis is how I solved the repaint issue, use an earlier MA cross for the arrow system and warning. Confirm with my other indicators and then go. Much better consistancy.
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