Pending order Strategy

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Pending order Strategy

Postby Bruster400 » Wed Oct 05, 2016 8:16 pm

I might be wrong but isn't this what was attempted in ALR? :

It's a version of the original by Joseph Nemeth called zone recovery. There are lots of versions out there but they all rely on a martingale style multiplication in order to recover a series of losses with the final big win - obviously you're going to win some time aren't you..........

I looked at ALR at the time and even with quite large stops and takeprofits, it would regularly hit 12 to 15 losses in a row. Do the maths on 2*2^15 and you'll soon see that this only works with tiny lot sizes on massive accounts because you just can't afford not to make it to the winning trade.

Even if I'm wrong and it's not exactly the same idea, i'd suggest taking a look because there should be some learnings over there that can be applied here.

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