New to 10.2? READ THIS FIRST + Recent Developments

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New to 10.2? READ THIS FIRST + Recent Developments

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Nanningbob has been pumping out all types of systems over the years. Each system was unique and they were profitable if you played them right. 10.2 is NB's latest baby and is an amazing system to learn. It will make you feel like a real forex trader rather than just following indicators blindly.

It is not hard to learn but you need to be patient and take one step at a time. If you don't take it one step at a time then you'll get lost very quickly. Over here at Steve's forum we are pumping out heaps of indicators, EA's and sub-strategies to go along with the 10.2 system and you won't understand what any of them mean unless you read and get used to 10.2 first and then 10.2a second.

Here's how I would tackle this if you are a complete noob.

1. Bobs 10.2 system
This is where you start. Do not continue until you understand what's going on with 10.2. If you don't understand something use the '10.2 for dummies' thread to ask us questions. The first post in the following thread contains all the downloads for 10.2: ... f=38&t=562

Read all the booklets. Re-read them. Install the indicators and get used to the system. Once you are familiar with it then move on to 10.2a.

2. Bobs 10.2a test system
Bob has provided us with an update to 10.2 which is called 10.2a. It is currently in testing but I believe it simplifies the system and makes it even easier to trade. You can find the package to download in this post: ... 769#p15769

10.2a Oct. 2012 Edition
Please see here for the latest and greatest update to 10.2 by Bob: ... f=38&t=861

3. Check out the sub-forums
When you are familiar with 10.2 and 10.2a then feel free to jump in and explore what else we have to offer. There are indicators and EA's and also new ideas for trading 10.2 which you will find in the sub-forums.

Recent Developments

10.2 Inspired Indicator's
Seriously amazing work happening inside this sub-forum. Baluda and NeoTrader amongst others are building up a portfolio of amazing indicators which will help your 10.2 experience. You'll find dashboards and indicators and all sorts of goodies: ... m.php?f=45

10.2 Inspired EA's
If you're into auto-trading robots this is where all the development for 10.2 variants are going. Steve is somewhat of a prolific robot maker - he loves his EA's and there's no shortage of them in here, that's for sure: ... m.php?f=44

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