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Postby luca » Thu Dec 22, 2016 11:28 pm

Hi Rene,

hanks a lot for your HGI dancer v1.4 that you shared here. Im testing it on 5 pairs on H4. so far all trades that it took on demo with 0.01 lots since dec 9 are all in profit ( + 424 €) but I noticed that the EA doesn't close trades by itself (so far) . Is that normal? I have the nanningbob indi running on another vps (without ever refreshing platform) and i see the waves lines appeared a few times on the chart but in the EA trades have stayed open
Any clue or is supposed to be like that?

Thanks again

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Postby vsmakkal » Sun Dec 25, 2016 9:05 am

Merry Christmas, To Rene and the guys here. Just came back from holidays. will post more next year. Lets take a break! Enjoy the holidays!!

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Postby vsmakkal » Fri Jan 20, 2017 7:46 am

HI Rene and friends, hope u are all well. Just checking up on u and your adventures with GMGD. My own personal journey has been rudely interrupted by a hard disc failure.. I had stopped testing since mid dec and wanted to start on Jan 9th but my hard disc crashed. I just got my PC back so i will be starting again next week. How is everyone else doing? esp Rene? Hope to hear from u guys..

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Postby renexxxx » Fri Jan 20, 2017 10:15 pm

vsmakkal » Fri Jan 20, 2017 5:46 pm wrote:How is everyone else doing? esp Rene? Hope to hear from u guys..

Hello Sara,

All is good here. I have been testing many different versions of GridDancer with the purpose to keep the drawdown under control -- notibly one version where the losers are closed early (with an SL) and the winners are kept open (until GridMaster comes along and does it's magic). However, I haven't found a version yet that has shown promising results. Added to this is that the markets have not returned to 'normal' since Mr Trump got elected and we are still in the Christmas holidays doldrums. This is likely going to change shortly.

I will continue to work on this -- but please shout out if you have suggestions for radical improvements.

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Postby vsmakkal » Sat Jan 21, 2017 4:21 am

Hi Rene, thanks for the reply and for all u have done here .your news filter EA, by the way, is another great piece of work from u.

I would like to share my findings about GDGM but Sorry guys i dont have charts or pics to substantiate my findings. lost everything when my disc crashed.

My best GDGM combo was ver 1.1 and 1.81 respectively, without any SL. For me, This was by far the best combo since GDGM's inception. drawdown can be as bad as 10%. but it almost always recovers. and this level of drawdown was almost always due to NEWS. And that drawdown of 10% was due to FOMC. Now, thats not GDGM's fault.. Its mine for not getting out when it was in profit. i was greedy and it's demo, so what the hell.. Best time to learn..

My other tests were with SL. one test's balance was not doing anything, just going up and down... .2nd test with SL was just getting stopped out and the balance was just going down... I guess the SL placement was too tight. 3rd test, with the final ver of GD/GM, was getting there, but much slowly than the 1.1/1.81 combo.

so what will i be doing differently?
1. Looking at Rene's News filter to close all trades, before news.What type of news is the challenge. For now High impact news..

2. 1.81 doesnt have the dynamic lots sizing as the newer GM. My plan is to double the lots size only when my Balance doubles. My original setup was on its way to 6K in 6 weeks from a starting Account of 10k, so, optimistically speaking, changing lots sizes every 3 months is not a hassle.. :P , a pleasure in fact..he he

3. Use a very large SL, mainly for Black Swan events.

Wishlist, if I humbly may...
1. I had asked Rene for a ver that removes the EA once a SL is hit, just so that the EA doesnt keep opening new trades based on a past HGI signal thats not valid anymore. An outdated H4 HGI signal can allow the market to move a fair number of pips in the WRONG direction. Having a SL will not help u as GDGM will keep Rinsing and Repeating in the WRONG direction and it will keep hitting the SL.. And Rene's Max currency exposure option can help u limit your losses but not fully protect u from a losing "dance". That option helps DURING a "Dance" by not allowing u to open any more trades in a market going against u. But it will not help when u are restarting after a SL was hit. GD will still open trades based on the outdated HGI signal. I hope I am making sense..

This ver was also to send out a push notification so that we could go to our terminals to check what's happening before deciding to restart the EAs. This request was more for a Black Swan Event and a very large SL. It would be a pain in the ass if u were going to use it for a normal sized equity SL. Rene was kind enough to do one for me. Not sure if others agree.

2. SInce the plan is to close all trades before any major news, it would be great to have a "Final Rinse and Remove" option. So, lets say tomorrow is NFP or ECB mtg. GDGM is doing its thing and all's well. I want to shut it all down but its currently in a slight drawdown. I am feeling a bit optimistic that the market has one more positive "Rinse" in it.. so i set it on a "Final Rinse and Remove" mode. AND activate Rene's News filter EA as a backup. and then i leave my terminal and go do my stuff. Market doesnt do jack and News Ea closes all trades and shuts EAs down with a loss. Great. But if GM hits one more Rinse and GDs are removed, freaking great!! I sit out NFP and restart once dust settles.

I know..I know, its a bit lazy AND Greedy on my side.. but everytime i bloody check, GDGM is almost always in a slight drawdown.. and then a few minutes later, u check again , it had hit a Rinse!!.. and its in drawdown again for the next dance.. Awesome and frustrating.. He He..

Lastly, I have many others EAs running, but GDGM is the best so far. And maybe, the 1.1/1.81 combo is just proving the age old relationship between Risk and Reward. i.e Reward is directly proportional to Risk.So maybe live with the drawdown?? Dunno ..

Let me know what u think, Rene and hope others will share their experiences.
Thanks again, Rene, for everything!

Have a good weekend everyone

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Postby JonCodesBad » Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:30 pm

megarobofx » Mon Jul 15, 2019 8:55 pm wrote:Hello rene,
its almost 3 years old ea, can i get the source code of both ea for learning purpose.

thanks in advance

There's plenty of free code here and elsewhere on the web. Your attitude & motives are becoming transparent.
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Postby tomele » Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:55 pm


Asking for Rene's source code for "learning purposes" is like asking for Space Shuttle plans by an ongoing engineer in his first year of education. It doesn't make sense. And iterating such requests is suspicious. You aren't going to try sucking some sources for commercial use, are you?

However, I have banned you from this forum. The admins shall decide how to go on with you.

Happy pippin, Thomas ;)

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Postby SteveHopwood » Thu Jul 18, 2019 8:47 pm

tomele » Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:55 pm wrote:However, I have banned you from this forum. The admins shall decide how to go on with you.


They let his posts reside for a while so that others could see what happens to dimwits, then I removed his registration.

Thanks for your attentiveness here Thomas. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

:xm: :rocket:
Read the effing manual, ok?

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Postby efxd89 » Thu Sep 10, 2020 4:41 pm

I was reading through old post and I came across this one. The idea behind it is very simple and a work of a genius :good:
I tested this out with GD and manually taking grid trades with Baluda's SuperSlope(H1&H4) and HGI and it's been good so far, except for that drawdown that happened by mistake :lol:

So my question is, considering ideas in Forex crash and burn eventually, is this why last posts are from 4 years ago?

Actually there was one time GD took a position and market went the other way, I opened new trades in other direction and new trades in a new pair with negative correlation. Do you think thisis a good logic to get out of the DD?
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