Hints and tips for Beeksfz_VPS users

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Hints and tips for Beeksfz_VPS users

Post by SteveHopwood »

Lots of us will be using this VPS. Let's accumulate our hints and tips here. They could easily apply to other VPS providers. Here are mine so far:
  • Minimize the platform and it cuts down the cpu usage dramatically.
  • Minimize the individual charts first and the cpu usage plummets. This and the above tip allow us to run more platforms on our VPS.
  • Only have the candles you need on the platform. Go to Tools/Options/Charts and lower the max bars inputs. I never have more than 2,000.
  • We can change the VPS 'local' time to suit ourselves. This is helpful to those of us using the trading time filter in my EA's, which works on our computer's local time:
    • Click the icon on the bottom left of the VPS screen.
    • Select "Local Server" from the menu on the left.
    • Find the 'Time Zone' field and work from there. It is not easy to find.
Read the effing manual, ok?

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Hints and tips for Beeksfz_VPS users

Post by rapple »

Hello all,

I joined with BEEKS through the GlobalPrime deal.

I have found a few ways to make using the VPS system easier to use.

Firstly install DropBox onto the VPS and your local PC so you can transfer files easily between computers. There was another member that suggested this (Sorry, not sure who) and it works really well for updating EAs across multiple computers.

I like to have the Empty4 files (EAs, indis, scripts etc) stored in the same local directory as the Empty4 installation where they are easy to find. This is usually done by typing "/portable" after the file extension on your personal PC (right click the GP shortcut icon and select properties) - see attached. I did the same thing on BEEKS and then when I click on the GlobalPrime Empty4 icon it worked perfectly. However I also setup the 'Auto-restart' program supplied with BEEKS to start MT4s after a crash and found that each time the Empty4 installation restarted the Empty4 defaulted to using that bloody file location you can never find (under users/??/??/). Anyway, if you add " /portable" in the parameter box (see attached) it now works as I intended.

Finally, once you have a BEEKS account you can add Empty4 installations from other providers on the same platform. I set up a cent account (Roboforex Procent) to start testing some other pairs with DottyBot. The RoboForex Empty4 works perfectly and the speed is around 50ms which is heaps quicker than my local PC

Cheers Richard
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Hints and tips for Beeksfz_VPS users

Post by WhoKnows »

I am just getting ready to order my first VPS so I was doing some reading.

I found the following guide about optimizing your Empty4 for VPS very good and clear:
They have another guide on using 'remote access', look under FAQ.

I only included the link here as I don't want to infringe on any copyright.
BTW1: Mentioning this guide is not intended as endorsement, not do I get any commission.
BTW2: Thanks again to Renexxxx for mentioning this group to me. They appear to be a very good option for those who are not yet trading enough to get the free BeeksVPS via Global Prime.

Additionally to Richard's tips about /portable in the post above, I would consider to use
/portable /skipupdate in your Terminal shortcut.

That way you won't be a guinea pig victim of the next unstable MTcrap version that is forced upon users without asking permission. /skipupdate will protect you for months ... until they pull the support of your favorite stable version and you have to start searching for a more recent next stable one.
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