Moving Day Adapted's Gone Trendy With HGI

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Moving Day Adapted's Gone Trendy With HGI

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  • Most Forex traders lose all their money.
  • Using the robot posted here in trading Forex does not guarantee success.
  • Trading this robot could lead to serious financial loss.
  • Trading this robot without understanding its underlying trading strategies guarantees traders will lose their money.
  • At best, a trading robot is only 90% as good as the manual strategy it trades. At best. At worst, it can be much less effective. If the strategy is rubbish, so is the robot.
  • To trade this robot, you have to understand:
MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS POST ... 41#p111241 There was a Forex bloodbath on Jan 15th 2015 that you need to know about. This sort of Black Swan event can happen at any second.

Read about Coenraads method of trading at viewtopic.php?p=170686#p170686. This version here trades HGI signals.

Remember that you will need all the TDesk stuff even if you are not going to send signals to it, and the hgi_lib.ex4 library from viewtopic.php?p=105044#p105044

Follow along with this demo if you are running out of demo room:
Login: 2188235
Investor: h1uwidm

:xm: :rocket:

Matters of general interest
Go here to download and run the script that will fill your platform's missing chart history: ... f=15&t=254
Read this post: ... p?f=6&t=78 Newbie traders, read this for inspiration and warning. Those of you who have suffered losses, read it for inspiration.

Masterly summary of hedging: ... ost4977179

EA coding
I receive may requests to code EA's. Traders, if I code your EA for free, then I will share it here. If you want me to code your EA without sharing, then my fee is $100 payable into my paypal account. I explain why at ... ?f=15&t=79, at the bottom of the post.

Useful utilities/EA's/scripts -

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
Read the effing manual, ok?

Afterprime is the official SHF broker. Read about them at

I still suffer from OCCD. Good thing, really.

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My special thanks to Thomas (tomele) for all the incredible work he does here.
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